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Jul 2018
Patrik Weiskircher
Jul 09 2018 20:29
Hello! We're using fmt pretty extensively in one of our projects. During "Let's Polish This Thing!" week I ran Bloaty McBloatface on our binary and it shows that fmt::BasicWriter<>::write_int<>() is taking up 2.11Mi. This seems a little excessive to me and I'm wondering if you ever heard anything about that before?
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  13.8%  2.02Mi fmt::BasicWriter<>::write_int<>()                                                 2.11Mi   5.1%
      20.1%   416Ki void fmt::BasicWriter<char>::write_int<long long, fmt::FormatSpec>(long long, fm   430Ki  19.9%
      19.8%   409Ki void fmt::BasicWriter<char>::write_int<unsigned long long, fmt::FormatSpec>(unsi   424Ki  19.6%
      19.8%   409Ki void fmt::BasicWriter<char>::write_int<unsigned long, fmt::FormatSpec>(unsigned    424Ki  19.6%
      18.6%   385Ki void fmt::BasicWriter<char>::write_int<int, fmt::FormatSpec>(int, fmt::FormatSpe   400Ki  18.5%
      18.3%   379Ki void fmt::BasicWriter<char>::write_int<unsigned int, fmt::FormatSpec>(unsigned i   393Ki  18.2%
       3.5%  71.6Ki void fmt::BasicWriter<char>::write_int<bool, fmt::FormatSpec>(bool, fmt::FormatS  86.1Ki   4.0%
Patrik Weiskircher
Jul 09 2018 20:37
Oh wait. I should try updating. Apparently we're still on 4.1
Patrik Weiskircher
Jul 09 2018 20:46
Oh boy. Updating to 5.1 and our (unstripped) binary went from 41.1mb to 58.5mb
Stripped it's still 9mb bigger
Patrik Weiskircher
Jul 09 2018 21:15
Ooooh. I think I'm after FMT_USE_EXTERN_TEMPLATES