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Sep 2018
Sep 25 2018 10:24
First: good job on this library. I'm learning a lot.
Now for a "thing" I found: I tried to combine format_to_n with a back_insert_iterator and got the compilation error "invalid use of 'std::__iterator_traits ... yadayada.. ::value_type {aka void}'.
I think the issue is that (quote from cppreference): "Pure output-only iterator is allowed to declare its iterator_traits<X>::value_type [and others] to be void (and iterators such as std::back_insert_iterator do just that)."
I didn't check trunk, I'm on 5.2.0.
valuetype is used for declaring blackhole in the truncating iterator. (Underscore does things with the text, sorry)
Sep 25 2018 10:41
value_type is used for declaring blackhole_ in the truncating iterator...
there you go