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Nov 2018
Matthias Moulin
Nov 16 2018 19:00
Hey, the latest release is from Sep 21. I updated my {fmt}/master from September 22 (should be pretty similar to latest release) to November 16, but my code base no longer compiles. Are there any major possibly breaking design decisions in between?
An apparent change is the replacement of the FMT_MAKE_VALUE macro with the make_value.
Victor Zverovich
Nov 16 2018 20:09
What code doesn't compile and what is the error message?
Matthias Moulin
Nov 16 2018 21:24
Basically, the static_assert's condition of make_value
is false. Probably, due to some wchar_t to char conversion that I need to look further into (but msvc++ is not that helpful in case of lots of template chains). So it would be helpful to know if fmt changed the API in some way, especially with regard to the formatter specializations?
Matthias Moulin
Nov 16 2018 21:30
Or if you advise to not use the master branch, I'll just revert to the latest release?