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Repo info
    Max Modesto Wallin
    I want to contribute to a project, it already has generated font files from Fontello. Now I want to add another icon to the existing set, but I'm note sure which icons thar are already included.
    I have the id number 26793073 though, so I'm looking into if it's possible to re-create the font files.
      src: url('../font/fontello.eot?26793073');
      src: url('../font/fontello.eot?26793073#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
           url('../font/fontello.woff2?26793073') format('woff2'),
           url('../font/fontello.woff?26793073') format('woff'),
           url('../font/fontello.ttf?26793073') format('truetype'),
           url('../font/fontello.svg?26793073#fontello') format('svg');

    Can you please add a TikTok icon?

    Thank You

    When I added the new icon in Fontello today, I found that the original icon code was replaced, the new icon code replaced them, and the original icon code became the New code ~
    So my original iconFont couldn't be read in the product.
    Can you help me check the reason

    Hi everyone,

    I uploaded my Icons (97 svgs) and trying to download the webfont, but it takes about a minute then I get an "504 Gateway Time-out" error. Is that because I have a lot of Icons? Or did I miss any setting?

    Thank you

    Vitaly Puzrin
    @melon0571 this had to be solved yesteday. See issue tacker.
    @Jarkas_gitlab if still not works - may be a bug. Then need issue with detailed step-by-step description how to reproduce.
    Hi Everyone,
    Quick question. I added few custom fonts, but the fonts render well on Mac and do not render on Windows. Any idea or suggestions, please?
    Araz Gholami
    Hey guys,
    I just lost my config.json file but I have css and font files. Is is possible to recover json file with these css and font files?
    Madeline ng
    Hey guys,
    I have uploaded my custom icons .svg to fontello and manage to get them upload on my wordpress. However, the icon i placed is up side down. Any idea why?
    Jou Jou My Love
    hi just checking if you plan to add an icon for tiktok? thanks!
    Hey ! Any idea why opening a session on fontello sometimes provides a convenient"Save session" button, which then allow to download the resulting package, and sometimes you only get a "Download webfonts" button which forces you to do all the download/extraction manually
    Hi everyone. I have a question about fontello. I generated a set of custom icons but for some apparent reason some of them appear broken on Windows OS. Any ideas why? Thanks a lot.
    @jilnajil_twitter Hi there. Did you manage to fix your problem?
    Vitaly Puzrin
    @TudorNAnghel try again, svg2ttf generator was updated.
    Hi, when I trying to upload svg icon to fontello, it display rectangle shape icon, and that show [500] Internal Server Error, any way to solve this? Thank you!
    Vitaly Puzrin
    @wansim99 create issue with detailed description how to reproduce
    When drag the image in customs icon on https://fontello.com/, the icon couldn't finish upload, it only show 2 lines of icon sometimes, or finish upload but it display square with border only, when trying to download the icon, it showing [500] Internal Server Error. Any way to fix this?
    Vitaly Puzrin
    @wansim99 this can not be reproduced. What exactly icon? Where to drag? Browser? Os? And so on. Please, create DETAILED step-by-step instruction, how other person can reproduce your problem. In issue tracker, not here.
    where is issue tracker?
    Is there some reason for this that I just dont understand? (I am not a developer.)
    When I add the config.json to Fontello and open one of the icons in Fontello, the e-code is 0xE8D6.
    In the .zip package's demo.html the e-code is 0xe81f for it.
    When opening the config.json -file, searching the named icon, I get code 59423 which converts to e81f.
    So why the "preview view" in Fontello has different value?
    Related to previous.
    It seems that there is some changes happening with the e-values, as lot of my icons have been changed to other ones in my old illustrations. So some kind of mapping problem exists.
    Tim Arnold
    Any plans to add a tik-tok icon? It is now the largest website in the world!
    hi. i have to add 1 additional icon to an iconset. codes start with "E800" but i need "E000" as start. where can i change that?
    Jacky Prahec

    Hi! Question... When GIT cloning Fontello and running node server.js I get:
    E:\Development\Node\fontello>node server.js
    [2022-08-25T13:55:52.692] [INFO] 7648 system - Loaded config files (75ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:52.784] [INFO] 7648 system - Applications intialized (89ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:52.984] [INFO] 7648 system - Models init done
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.124] [INFO] 7648 system - Loaded server and internal methods (139ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.131] [INFO] 7648 system - Loaded routes (3ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.131] [INFO] 7648 system - Compile assets
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.167] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ setup (35ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.168] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ create_components (0ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.169] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ bin (2ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.176] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ i18n (6ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.178] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ views (2ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.663] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ vendor (485ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.667] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ js (4ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.669] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ css (2ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.670] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ client (0ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.670] [INFO] 7648 system - ◦ server (0ms)
    [2022-08-25T13:55:53.848] [FATAL] 7648 system - Error: Cannot find asset: internal\server\package-component-i18n-fontello.en-US.js
    at E:\Development\Node\fontello\lib\bundler\index.js:219:31
    at Array.map (<anonymous>)
    at patch_map_sources (E:\Development\Node\fontello\lib\bundler\index.js:214:39)
    at E:\Development\Node\fontello\lib\bundler\index.js:212:39
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at patch_map_sources (E:\Development\Node\fontello\lib\bundler\index.js:212:26)
    at E:\Development\Node\fontello\lib\bundler\index.js:233:9
    at async Promise.all (index 2)
    at async Bundler.compile (E:\Development\Node\fontello\lib\bundler\index.js:192:5)
    at async module.exports (E:\Development\Node\fontello\lib\system\init\bundle\compile.js:34:19)

    any idea why? Should this go to Issues tracker?

    I am trying to upload two versions of an SVG icon. One that is solid and one that has outlines. Both (when uploaded) show the same -- as solid
    Jim Blake
    I would like to complete my icon set but I need two versions of the icon
    @puzrin , is there a way to override the /font/ output folder name via the Fontello config? We`re using the /fontS/ naming which leads to the manual fixing of the result CSS all the time we regenerate the font.