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Repo info
    I want to run all of my processes as the app user, not root.
    I have several servers, but only one uses a privileged port.
    How should I setup and use forever for this case?
    I'm finding the latest forever is running processes wonderfully, but is hanging on any subsequent commands on both mac and ubuntu...I've seen this reported as an issue related to flatiron in the past, but it was reported resolved. Tried with node 6.7.0 and 4.6.0...any ideas?
    to clarify, forever list/restartall etc hang
    also tried a 0.14.x version of forever and saw the same issue
    Ankur Kaushal
    For some weird reason, forever seems to instantiate two instances of the same script. I am starting forever like this forever start -al logger.log -ao logger.log -ae error.log /scripts/main.js. Anything I am doing wrong?
    Wasiff A
    hey people, can someone explain what forever is and why someone would use it ?
    Daniel Alexandre Cerqueira Santos
    i need to run forever from .bash_profile. what is the proper way of doing this because i only get the output text from forever but when i do forever list it shows no process
    Daniel Alexandre Cerqueira Santos
    i'm running forever from a android box
    lol, spam on gitter?
    the one place where no one is dumb enough to click your link?
    sure! okay!
    rtd gen dr mason de victor
    So I'm trying to get this to work and run a hubot forever. Using this: forever start "bin/hubot" HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN=myslacktokenhere--adapter slack -n agenda It runs fine but when I check forever list it says stopped in the uptime spot.
    hi guys, i am new with forever, i have a node js application that i need to deploy in windows server 2012. i did an npm install -g (global) on forever and when i start the server.js file it complains that "forever is not a recognized as an internal or external command" .... i encountered a similar issue when i installed in my local machine with Windows 7 but i fixed it by installing 0.10.5. I used the same version in Windows Server 2012 but it did not work either
    Jibin Mathews
    Did anyone figure out how to get the current terminal cols and rows count inside the forever process?
    Farhan Khwaja
    hi everyone, I am trying to install forever on EC2, but i am getting errors. My Node and NPM version are v6.10.1 & 5.4.2 respectively
    John Rodney
    Hey I can't find an article on the correct way to do this. I made a dev-server that runs from the script "dev-server": "forever -w ./dist/src/index.js node ./dist/src/index.js",. A babel script watches files then compiles and forever picks up the change and restarts. What I was hoping is some info on how to properly restart the node proccess so that you don't get the error: restarting script because change changed error: Forever detected script was killed by signal: SIGKILL error: Script restart attempt #7. I would like to keep the terminal with the server clean for only errors that occur within the script and not forever's logging.
    it is not possible to catch a SIGKILL as it is meant to kill so is there another leading indicator event that I can catch and process.exitbefore forever kills it with a SIGKILL?

    Hi, I have a very simple question, I dont see anything from stdout when executing the following command

    forever start backend/app.js

    I tried to append "-f" but it also does not work

    it seems that forever swallows and suppresses everything from STDOUT
    oh, I found out the reason ,forever start makes the process a daemon one
    Hello guys, Please can someone help how can I run this "node --harmony index.js -p 8080-d C:\somedir" with forever? If I type "forever start --harmony index.js -p 8080 -d C:\somedir" I get an error.
    Stupid question, I'm running an angular app using node run dev (or prod) depending on which I am using. how do I run my app using forever?
    Or should I only need to run the node server using forever?
    Anyone ever hear of error: Forever detected script exited with code: 3221225477
    Eugene Serkin
    Hello. Have a question about one specific error. I have a forever running inside docker container and whenever I start it, then at first it gives me
    info:    Forever processing file: server.js
    error:   Cannot find forever process: 0
    Dri Torres
    Hello, am I using -c wrong?
    #! /bin/bash
    # Copy configuration in place
    cp /src/api/config/config_${NODE_ENV}.js /src/api/config.js
    node /src/api/scripts/create_db_json.js > /src/database.json
    forever start -f --spinSleepTime 10 -c "node --max_old_space_size=${NODE_OLD_SPACE} --max_semi_space_size=${NODE_SEMI_SPACE}" /src/api/server.js -p 3000 &
    forever start -f --spinSleepTime 10 -c "node --max_old_space_size=${NODE_OLD_SPACE} --max_semi_space_size=${NODE_SEMI_SPACE}" /src/api/server.js -p 3001 &
    nginx -g 'daemon off;'
    No one seems to answer questions here.
    Don't waste your time here, just visit Stack Overflow and go from there.
    @Justindmo seems to be the case on gitter.
    hi i need help!!
    enyone here
    anyone here
    Peter Delvaux
    Hi guys, quick question, is there a way to run forever stop dist/server.js without errors, when it is not running?
    it's for an automated script, where I want to stop the server, overwrite the loaded server.js and start again
    But I don't want to create a script that kills all processes, nor do I want to parse the output of forever list to see if my app is already running...
    Igor Savin
    @pjetr What happens now when you try to stop something that is not running?

    Hi, I tried changing this:

    "debug": "node --inspect node_modules/@google-cloud/functions-framework --target=api",
    to this
    "debug": "forever --inspect node_modules/@google-cloud/functions-framework --target=api",

    but it doesn't work, what am I missing?

    I get
    help:    usage: forever [action] [options] SCRIPT [script-options]
    help:    Monitors the script specified in the current process or as a daemon
    Paul Wareham
    i was wondering if there is any way to setup forever to send an alert via email when a chosen process has STOPPED - for example due to an error preventing the code from running? I recently had this problem of a missing module which caused the process to stop and not be able to restart due to a module dependency that had somehow changed.
    Ashwanth Madhav
    error: Forever detected script was killed by signal: SIGKILL. Why this error occured in Linux system ?