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Manu Singhal
I anyone out there to help!!
Who used ’ formly builder’?
Erica Gucciardo
Manu there's no way to do it with field group as far as I know.
Fedoua Jnt
hey anyone could help please
Erica Gucciardo
With what fedoua?
Fedoua Jnt
in php
how to remove the blank line in angular-formly and type is select ?

In templateOptions

notNull: true

definitely works if you're using the bootstrap templates Bootstrap templates

Thanks ! It works!
Victor Figueira
Hi, I have my formly inside a md-card, when the form has no fields It hides as expected but the card is still visible. Is there a way to count the rendered fields on a form (or similar) to hide the card too?
Hi, i try to use datetimepicker.js with formly but i have a error "ctrlCopy.$setValidity is not a function" someone have an indea
@BruceRobertson I have set nutNull is true and it is works in chrome , but it is not works in IE11, do you have any idear let is works on both chrome and IE11?
Mohammad Salem
i want to add extra fields on click but its not working ?
any suggestions ?
Hello, anyone knows if angularjs version 1.2 is compatible with newer versions of formly 8.0 ?
Erica Gucciardo
@mhmdsalem1993 did you try using repeat section component
Pyarchitect good question , it almost is
I had to make some adjustments to the validation logic as it makes assumptions that only are applicable in 1
I'm not sure about formly 8.0 though to be honest
Hi! Anyone know if it's possible to save a value in an input field that isn't valid ?
While having validation on for the entire form
Hi Anyone know the solution for when checkbox selected, i want read the selected value from view value
my code formlyConfig.setType({
name: 'checkbox',
template: <div ng-repeat="(key, option) in to.options" class="checkbox"> <label> <input type="checkbox" id="{{id + '_'+ $index}}" ng-model="multiCheckbox.checked[$index]" ng-change="multiCheckbox.change()"> {{option[to.labelProp || 'name']}} </label> </div>{{options}}dfg{{multiCheckbox.checked[$index]}},
wrapper: ['bootstrapLabel', 'bootstrapHasError']
Hello all, I am looking for example of using angular-formly to do multi-part form file upload
Hi everyone !
I'm using the Angular Formly to construct a user configurable form so I have created some methods to add dynamically fields to the FormlyFieldConfig Array. Now, I'm trying to save this array as JSON but when I'm doing the JSON.stringify(formFieldConfigArray), the result is "[object object], [object object], ...".
If someone have an idea of how to save this array of fields with all their features and not just as [object object], I'm interested !
Thank you in advance for the help
Matt Erman
@mbillon you should be using stringify on the model
@jetWhidbey_gitlab I'd suggest dropzone.js I used that with formly at my last job
@manusinghal19 have you tried using ng-class?
@Ado3000 Yes, just don't make that field required
Bharat D Bhadresha
Hello Everyone,
Need some idea how to create a template that with allow user to upload image to server and set the returned url to ng-model.
Hi , I would like to disable a checkbox in multi-checkbox , how do I do that ? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52261142/angular-formly-disable-a-checkbox-in-multicheckbox
asdasdas asda sd
Hi everyone,
I am trying to feed the repeated section example a key like this "parent.child" and would like it to reflect in the model as {parent:{children:[]}}. However, currently it doesn't do that. Instead it considers "parent.children" as a string hence in the model it will be {paraent.children:[]}
I m new to formly
how to change the template optons conditionalyy?
  name: 'phone',
  extends: 'maskedInput',
  defaultOptions: {
    templateOptions: {
      mask: '999-999?9-9999'
I want to change mask: '999-9999-9999' based on other value
is it possible?
Erica Gucciardo
could juse use expressionProperties i think
Hi everyone,
I am trying to load 2 different radio button groups in my angular-2 formly form
However, when I test it both of those groups are in sync, if I select a radio button from one group the selection in other group changes as well
I ckecked on developer tools, and I noticed that the 'name' attribute has not been assigned in any of the buttons