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Jun Han
@tendavid hi
How can I change code runner command to run c++ code. I would like to add the flag "-std=gnu++17". I try to change the setting.json but that did not work.
Since I am using cpp, the "c" line of the setting.json file needed to be changed as "cpp". Thanks to Jun Han for pointing it out.
Jun Han
@pablanche You're welcome. :)
Hi, I have a mac and need to change the User Settings to Python 3 when running VSC. I went to Preferences, Settings, and there is supposed to be a drop box when I click on the ... to open settings.json however I do not receive the prompt with 3 dots so I can not open settings.json to change the User Settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Justin Faler
Greetings, I just submitted a pull request to add support for x86-64 Assembly language. ✔️ @formulahendry
Jun Han
@Jfaler Awesome! Thanks for the PR. Just leave some comments :)
my vscode says command 'code-runner.run' not found every time i try to run it
i figured i need to edit my path
but idk what to add to it or where its needs to look
@formulahendry @xiaolai
Jun Han
@Death-Waltz Could you try delete the folder C:\Users\abcde\.vscode\extensions\formulahendry.code-runner-0.9.8, and install again?
Is it possible to run python3 instead python2 with code runner?
Jun Han
@carmeloojr sure. there are two options: 1. using code-runner.executorMap: https://github.com/formulahendry/vscode-code-runner#configuration 2. using $pythonPath

Hi, I have selected the virt env for my project and tried to import the module. However, I receive a ModuleNotFoundError response.

I have searched Google and Github for answers to fix this issue, but have not been able to find a solution...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a link to the screenshot.


Continued from above. Any help in figuring out why the module can not be found while trying to import numpy would be greatly appreciated. Here's the direct links to the issue I am having. https://i.ibb.co/bWRF1Yh/Screen-Shot-2019-05-05-at-7-29-28-PM.png https://i.ibb.co/cNQ1Kc5/Screen-Shot-2019-05-05-at-10-11-55-AM.png
hey all! just installed VSCode and this extension for it. the class i'm currently taking is teaching processing, but that language is not supported by this extension. are there any plans to add it later?
Jun Han
@hudsonfuture The python interpreter is different in your two runs. There are two options to change it: 1. using code-runner.executorMap: https://github.com/formulahendry/vscode-code-runner#configuration 2. using $pythonPath
@Miyazono1 Which language is not supported?

hi. i just installed the runner extension on vs code. but everytime i run the code, i get an error. say i run my lua file, and the error reads "'lua' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."
[Done] exited with code=1 in 0.049 seconds

can anyone help me with this?

i also have a problem i can't compile my rust program with this even though it compiles fine with cargo run
i assume it's because you use the rustc command directly so can you provide an option to change that?
program in question if needed https://github.com/unmellow/a-better-game
Jun Han
@Mahdi-J You need to install https://www.lua.org/download.html
@unmellow You could update code-runner.executorMap setting, refer to https://github.com/formulahendry/vscode-code-runner#configuration
I used vscode and coderunner for quite a while now to execute python. Since today my terminal won't show any "print" commands. "run python file in terminal" works perfectly fine. I don't get any error messages, even if my running code doesn't do anything. Is it because of the new poershell thingie from MS? What do I need to do? Any ideas?
I found a solution for my problem: I recently updated my windows 10 to the build 10.0.18362, which broke the "python" path. -> The moment I entered "python" in cmd, it opened the microsoft store for whatever reason and suggested installing python 3.7 from there. (But that's total nuts, I already have Python 3.7.3 on my computer ...) The most simple way I used: Just install python from the microsoft store. It's working again. But I'm not sure if this is a proper way to solve the problem.
Hello, I just downloaded VS Code and the Code Runner Extension and this is the error I'm getting: "command 'code-runner.run' not found". What should I do? I'm new to VS Code
Where can I report bugs
Jun Han
@ijoel92_gitlab Please try to reinstall the Code Runner, and try again
When I select the option to run Code Runner in integrated terminal, it runs Python 2, but when using only Code Runner or Run in Terminal, it runs Python 3. Please help. I am using it on my Mac
Jun Han
@mkljngd Please check this https://github.com/formulahendry/vscode-code-runner#configuration to set the executor of Python
@mkljngd Or you could use $pythonPath directly
One of my includePaths is {$workspaceFolder}/tools/**, but when I try to run my code (https://pastebin.com/EG3DT3Fr) the linker doesn't find /tools/sieve.h and then the code fails with "undefined reference to tools::getSieves(int)" is this relative to code runner or is it something else?
Jun Han
@mattshu Code Runner does not respect includePaths, so you may want to update code-runner.executorMap setting

Executing this simple class:
import javax.swing.*;
// Importing the package that contains all the Swing Components and Classes.
public class FrameExample {
public static void main(String[] args) {
//Schedule a job for the event-dispatching thread:
//creating and showing this application's GUI.
SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
public void run() {

private static void createAndShowGUI() {
//Create and set up the frame.
//The string passed as an argument will be displayed
//as the title.

JFrame frame = new JFrame("[=] Hello World [=]");

//Display the window.
frame.setSize(400, 100);


Produces no output, instead produces this error:
command 'code-runner.run' not found

Hello all, I've been using the Code Runner extension for some time now, but suddenly it broke
I've been using it to run Python, but now it produces no output at all
Like I get zero feedback inside the IDE when I do Run Code with Ctrl+Shift+P

In my user settings I have this

    "python.pythonPath": "C:\\Users\\$USERNAME$\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Python\\Python37\\python.exe",
    "code-runner.executorMap": {
        "python": "python",

The python.pythonPath should be valid, because running it in terminal produces gives the interactive Python as expected.


Forget the settings dude, I spent days trying to resolve, did everything, even unistall the app and what finally solved it to me was to delete the "Extensions" folder ubicated in "C:\Users\user\ .vscode"

Of course, before doing that, take a good note of all the installed extensions to again install those that you are gonna need for your job. Good luck ...

I tried deleting and reinstalling the extensions, didn't work. Also tried wiping settings.json after reinstalling extensions, didn't work.
Uhm I think I get it. Basically VSCode needs to recognise the folder that you're working in
Same with Code Runner
I'm not sure why it auto-detects the folder last time though
Or maybe I did it the 1st time and forgot all about it
But I doubt it tho, I think it did it automatically in the past
Probably some PATH-related things with respect to VSC/Code Runner
What I meant was to delete the folder "Extensions", it has nothing to do with deleting or unistalling the extensions from inside the App, that doesn't work, at least for me. Close the App and then go to "C:\Users\user\ .vscode\Extensions" and then delete that folder. Start the App .... You will have a "virgin" App.
Trying to run a packaged java program results in an error finding the main class, this is because the default executorMap is cd $dir && javac $filename && java $fileNameWithoutExt Meaning it is trying to run java $fileNameWithoutExt from the package directory when it should be running java packageName.$fileNameWithoutExt from the parent directory, I have made a temporary fix of cd $dir && javac $fileName && cd .. && java packageName.$fileNameWithoutExt Though this requires me to manually update the packageName portion.
Anyone have a better method of fixing this or is my best bet to create a custom parameter of $packageName?