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In the header find replace all of the "string" with "std::string"
Liz Kane
I'm new with Visual Studio, I'm using my terminal to create files, but once they're opened and I've written out code I get this error message. "Code language not supported or defined." I'm not sure how to fix this.
Leonardo Luiz Gava
@lizkane222 this should help: formulahendry/vscode-code-runner#147
Krid Heprakhone
I can't stop coderunner (control + option + M) on my macos with latest version of Coderunner
cant find settings for code runner in visual studio code
When I try to run a .js file, I get a "command 'code-runner.stop' not found" error. Any ideas why? The extension is freshly reinstalled.
Hello how to change C++ code runner file output?
Ayush paliwal
eRunnerFile.exe: Permission denied
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
my code runner giving this error while i compile with code runner
Code language not supported or defined.
Hello everyone, I have a problem here. I'm new in Java, and I created a java program "QuickSort.java" in win10. When I use code runner to run my program, it get a wrong file name "quicksort.java" and so failed to run. I know this may caused by the “not case sensitive” feature of win10, but I want to know how to solve this problem, I need your help, thank you very much.
If the name of the file that contains your code is "QuickSort.java", your class, inside that code must be called too "QuickSort.java". Nothing to do with windows 10, those are basic Java rules. Although I haven't code Java for a long period of time, I can remember it. I'm pretty sure it will solve your ...
Luka Samkharadze
Is there any way to configure what tsconfig coderunner uses for Typescript?
Hello everybody, the issue is that whenever I want to run the code vscode keeps telling me that "code is already running". I have to close vscode then open it again to resolve the issue. I'm currently using the selenium module.
Hello everyone
How are you?
Leonardo Calixto
Achyutarya Raaz
Abhinay Pandey
hello, i added custom command for ".tsx" file but it adds a file name after it, i just want it to run npm start, but it runs npm start $filename
how can I avoid it
Sourav Bera
Hello getting code-runner.run not found error
Sourav Bera
ctrl+alt+n not workig
Hi, guys. I am trying to include a C header file path when using code runner. Is there any suggestions? I have not found a corresponding configuration interface that I can directly use.
hello, how can i change the custom command?
oh i found out how
ty everyone
I m getting g++ error: no such file in directory when i run code runner
How can i fix this?
Man Of Nyathi.
who is encountering this error message and what is the solution
/bin/sh: ts-node: command not found
how can I fix it? I also install ts-node and in system terminal, ts-node is in the path and can use.but code runner not work.
How can I fix this?
syntax works well in terminal
but does not work in there
Olá boa noite pessoal tudo bem ?
Eu estou com um problema para executar o Code Runner aparece o seguinte erro
Code language not supported or defined.
Alguém sabe como resolver isso ?
Hi my VS code is responding with this error code
C:\Windows\System32\wsl.exe" failed to launch (exit code: 4294967295).
anyone have any suggestion
How to fix "Permission denied" after including the "&" shell command to run in background ?
How to run in current integrated vs terminal?
Muhammad Arslan Hamza
hi every one
sk khan
hi every one
It is not working
Code does not run and when stopping it says pid must be a number
Olá, boa noite!

Instalei a extensão Code Runner no meu Mac Os e aparece essa mensagem
/bin/sh: node: command not found

Alguém pode me ajudar por favor!?