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    Martin von Willebrand
    Good afternoon!
    Hi alltogether! Concerning the topics for the meeting: my primary interest would be to build some consensus concerning the capability model as a foundation to continue further work on that common ground.
    Philippe Ombredanne
    @jthDEV add a session in the doc :)
    @willebra_gitlab thanks... I updated the heading
    Probably it is already there? @mcjaeger in your second session, is the "glossry"-topic about what we were discussing last week together with Peter, Stefan and Michael @ Darmstadt?
    Nisha K
    I added a topic on the OCI container image format. There's also a containers dev room during FOSDEM and it would be nice to get some takeaways on compliance for containers to follow up with there.
    Philippe Ombredanne
    @nishakm excellent ! thanks!
    @nishakm I am not sure this is vastly different from the Docker image format (e.g. this is essentially the same kind of layered union FS archives? AFAIK?)
    but I will learn there !
    Philippe Ombredanne


    Here is the latest for the face-to-face pre-FOSDEM day, please note:

    See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UphruKKAlsoUEidPCwTF2LCcHFnQkvQCQ9luTXfDupw/edit#

    Kalle Soranko
    Philippe Ombredanne
    @kallesoranko :wave:
    @pombredanne I will arrive at approx 1000. Will that be early enough to make the payments required? If not, pls. reach out so that we can arrange something accordingly.
    Philippe Ombredanne
    @jthDEV no worries, and at this stage I think we are all covered for the expenses side: Google, HH Partners, Siemens and Salesforce all made generous donations.
    The only thing that could make sense with extra fuding would be to organize some catered lunch/sandwidch... but at the last minute this may a tad on the difficult side :)
    We should have name tags thanks to Michael C. Jaeger and I am also bringing a bunch of very large postit and makers to support breakout sessions.
    Philippe Ombredanne
    @/all I just completed sending a reminder email to everyone. See you soon!

    Please note:

    I have attached the details as a PDF or you can access the doc here:

    All costs for the room rent and coffee breaks are covered thanks to
    donations from these generous partners:

    See the details at:

    Martin von Willebrand
    Will arrive around 10:00, happy to do a lightning talk on Double Open assuming I arrive in time and the lightning session realises.
    Just landed, will arrive in about 1 hour, I guess
    On my way, hope to arrive in 1 hour. Looking forward to a great day with you all.