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    the same question @phamtrongthang123
    Anh Trung Nguyen Vu
    I am newbie to Hackathon Fest. I need teammates. My skillset are fullstack in Node JS, Python, Erlang.
    Hong Phuc Dang
    are you at the hacking place?
    Hong Phuc Dang
    can I ask you to inform other members to join this group, in case they have question or need help
    okay, no proplem :D
    Tung Vu
    HI everyone, I will come early in the afternoon. However, I'm available online to answer your questions
    Y.D. Rashmi Prabha
    Hi everyone! I’m new one who want to contribute FOSS ASIA. How can i do that? Can anyone guid me?
    Shivam Rai
    I need help\
    please tell who is here
    Rahul Ranjan
    Vivek Khurana
    Joseph Goh
    Hi :D
    Satya Vinay
    Wan Wei (ww)
    Hello! I'm actually looking to interview the speakers at FOSS, haha any speakers on this chat?
    Hey, my friend and I are looking for teammates for the Hackathon this weekend.
    guys, just arrived at Singapore , lets meet
    I saw on the DevPost page that we need to get tickets on eventyay, but I don't see any for the hackathon. Are we supposed to get some other kind of ticket?
    Paul "Joey" Clark
    @NickDuggar no I don't think so ;-)
    Paul "Joey" Clark
    Next year, I wish we could write open-source alternatives for the most popular web services: Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Google Translate... :)
    Nguyễn Hồng Quân

    Hello! I'm actually looking to interview the speakers at FOSS, haha any speakers on this chat?

    I'm speaker. Sorry, I read this late.

    Paul "Joey" Clark
    Today I googled "repository of indigenous language recordings" and the second link was UTexas @NickDuggar ;)
    Pranav Gupta
    @hongquan when is codeheat scheduled for this year? Couldn't find it on the web
    15th of this month @pg07codes
    Pranav Gupta
    Thanks @AakashMallik . Will appreciate if you could send a link so i can know more about projects and all
    Hong Phuc Dang
    We are running an Ideathon today, awesome prizes, check it out https://youtu.be/tfNdNdVFEcc
    Mario Behling

    Yay! The FOSSASIA #Virtual Summit 2021 has confirmed 160+ speakers, 150+ sessions, 30+ workshops, 5 keynotes, panel discussions #FOSS #OpenSource #OpenHardware #AI #Cloud #Robotics #Blockchain #DevOps #Linux #PSLabio #Python #Security #eventyay #online #onsite in #SG

    Please help to spread the word: https://twitter.com/fasblg/status/1368943852401360896
    Blog https://blog.fossasia.org/fossasia-virtual-summit-2021-schedule-and-highlights/