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Vamsi Krishna
Send the logs
Neo smith
Hello All :)
Mehul Bisht
Hello! I am a newbie here! Good to see the android community!
I would like to contribute to this project, are there any beginner issues?
hello i want to install custom rom but i have a doubt regarding performance
hello! i am a begginer,can u pls give me something begginer friendly to get started with???
Kiran Baby
Hi there, Newbie here, Can anyone please help me guide on how to go about contributing and which all can be be the easy pickings for a beginner.
Swapnil Gore
Hey, I tried the development app on an emulator as well as a physical device but it kept running into memory leaks. Am I doing something wrong?
Mario Behling
Dear @/all the FOSSASIA Summit Call for Speakers is still open. Please share this tweet https://twitter.com/fasblg/status/1354277060794003459
Vamsi Krishna
@SnexusG the app has few memory leak issues , they are to be fixed
Nikunj garg
Hey, I was trying to run the app, got this error
Nikunj garg
also we must start finding bugs in master branch right?
Vamsi Krishna
Fork the repo, then clone it in android studio.
Doing them right will avoid most problems
Samik Choudhury
Hi, I want to know that I am a beginner I want to contribute but didn't find any good first issue tagged issue, so can anyone help me to find a beginner friendly issue to contribute upon. TIA.
Please what's is the benefit of this application
Vamsi Krishna
@licofiS run the app, see if you can find any discrepancies in functioning. Then raise an issue wrt that.
Samik Choudhury
@VamsiKrishnaCommits sir, thank you for the suggestion I will do that and try to find if there is discrepncies if i can solve it or not.
Areeb Jamal
Hi guys
I want to help
Violet Heath
Hello, can I ask anybody about Android system logs, please?
Vamsi Krishna
yeah, where are you stuck?
Can I ask you a question
Suraj Kamble
hey all.... i'm new here. hope to learn a lot from you all.
Hi @surajkamblesk same here
Hello, I have cloned the repository and am running the app on my Android device after building using Android studio but I'm unable to login/sign up and get search results. Can someone pls guide me through this
Katleho Motumi
Hello, guys thank you very much for this platform. I'm a newbie on Android development. So I'm busy building an app scheduled app to be precise. But I'm confused as to which UI to use is it table layout if is indeed table layout how can I make the table have multiple activities like the first week that one is simple but how to add week 2 and week 3 in a single activity. Like to be able to swipe from week 1 to week 2 and week 3. All in a single page? Thank you.
Hey! I'm a newbie. Can you guys can help me with few questions?
Hello everyone I am new to this community ..I want to contribute...I know working on -
Android studio
Git and github
Can someone tell me the procedure
@VamsiKrishnaCommits plz assist
@kmotumi u can use fragments for such multiple screens
SaMkiT Sharma
This is great Trust me
i wantt to tell you something i am first year student and i want to participatein gsoc competitionn so whatsthe eligibilty for it
i know languages like python jaa and c++ and i also know basic ds algos
Vidit jain
Hy everyone, can anyone tell me where to start from?
Ok, @iamMalan Yes I can help you with any kind of question you want .
Is open event organiser/attendee android taking part in FOSSASIA Codeheat Contest?
Suraj Kamble DM ME if you want to learn very fast and simple
Desai Alpesh
Gradle build failed. please someone help me
1 reply
Hello everyone,i'm a amateur of IT.
Hi to everyone! I hope you're having a good day/evening
I am a newbie Android developer currently learning Kotlin and having considerable knowledge in Java. I've built some apps, all of which can be saw on my GitHub. Anyways, right now I need some help.
I want to start freelancing, but I am not sure whether I have the right skillset to become a freelancer. Certainly, I can make interesting apps using image loading libraries, Retrofit and Jetpack Libraries, but still I know that I need to master some more skills.
How to understand that I have enough skills to be a freelancer? Is it possible to be a freelancer if you have no prior experience, but only pet projects? Is there any freelancer who can become my mentor or give me some tasks to do for money?
(right now I am not in the best financial situation, I need to help my family. They lost their jobs, as everyone in our country :( )
(I will be so glad to receive some respond! Thanks to everyone in advance! )