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Apr 2016
Duke Leto
Apr 27 2016 16:36
pretty quiet in here
Niranjan Rajendran
Apr 27 2016 16:36
Hello :smile:
I guess all are busy with OpenTechSummit
Aditya Vyas
Apr 27 2016 17:45
Mario Behling
Apr 27 2016 17:51
yes, OTS helps us to get into the flow. @leto the idea is to make mockups on invisionapp. as we have so many people working on the project we need to have some directions.
Justin Lee is coming to Berlin next week as well and the week after that we will have a two day workshop with Rafal to work on the plan in detail
Duke Leto
Apr 27 2016 17:53
that sounds valuable. Having people in the same physical space can make lots of stuff happen
I know that I fell off the radar for a while and wasn't responding to github PR's and stuff. I was overloaded by life. It was also time consuming to review PR's because we don't have much of a test suite and I found that often merging a PR would cause something else to break
is @creativepsyco involved still? He was helping me with orga-server stuff but I haven't seen him in a while
Mario Behling
Apr 27 2016 18:42
@leto Well, @creativepsyco is now with Google and it is difficult to know for him, where he is allowed to involve. His company got bought by Google in Singapore. He is now also responsible for building a team and traveling around Asia to find people.
Duke Leto
Apr 27 2016 18:43
wow! Exciting times for him. I will assume that he won't be involved much from that info
Manan Wason
Apr 27 2016 19:18
Yes @leto @mariobehling I had a chat with @creativepsyco after FOSSASIA 2016, he said even though he can contribute to open source, he has to get a lot of validations and stuff for everything that he contributes because they want to be sure that their proprietary code doesn't get out. So yeah he won't be involved much.