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May 2016
Aditya Vyas
May 02 2016 11:02
How do I run individual tests in unittest...Currently I am running python -m unittest discover
But i want to run just a single test file...Can I do it or do i have to run all the tests together?
RafaƂ Kowalski
May 02 2016 11:49
i suppose that you have to choose a module
Shivam Mamgain
May 02 2016 15:50
So are we going to implement the server from scratch with python3.5?
Mario Behling
May 02 2016 20:03
@shivamMg we will take a decision in the upcoming days. @juslee is on the way to Berlin and we will discuss this at the OpenTechSummit. At the moment it is important that we all understand the concepts of everything. And, I believe working on the OTS program helped us a lot already. The server will also give out JSON just like what we use now to create the OTS schedule. I hope we can reuse the work we have done here. Also, some of the features are good already. The UI can always be changed but the way it works and the flow of the users (organizers, speakers, attendees) and the data should be very clear to all of us now.