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May 2016
Arnav Gupta
May 27 2016 16:10
@/all is there an open api spec for the server ready ? We're starting work with the webapp fresh, so needed that for reference. (Will create our mock JSON accordingly).
Saptak Sengupta
May 27 2016 16:18
@championswimmer i guess it would be better avaiable after te gsoc branch and master branch are merged..
They are separated by a lot of commits abd things might change while merging..
Justin Lee
May 27 2016 16:40
@championswimmer basic spec should be ready. check with @shivamMg. you can start writing mocks first or json sample files to read in
@championswimmer don't need to wait. just do first, refactor later.
RafaƂ Kowalski
May 27 2016 17:24