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Jul 2016
Niranjan Rajendran
Jul 22 2016 01:44
@championswimmer the meta json is available in the zip only when you export the event.
The main use of the meta json is to let the user know where the endpoint is located (domain) of an exported event . So, providing meta json through the API doesn't really make sense now since the user would have to already know the endpoint to make a request.
Saptak Sengupta
Jul 22 2016 03:47
Screenshot from 2016-07-22 09:16:28.png
Anyone else getting this error?
Ok.. done.. No idea what happened..
Maybe github internal error
Saptak Sengupta
Jul 22 2016 05:47
@mariobehling added the snake_case with proper sizing configuration. The PR now shows only 2 codacy issues:
Avi Aryan
Jul 22 2016 06:14
@championswimmer I agree with @niranjan94 . meta.json contains only the endpoint information for now. I have also added a versions dict in Event API which you can use to update client apps.
@championswimmer I have updated EHealth sample with the latest version of import/export. pls check
Mario Behling
Jul 22 2016 09:35
@SaptakS excellent
@SaptakS As a number of people in different projects have that questions, this could be a good case for a blog entry
Saptak Sengupta
Jul 22 2016 09:41
I will be writing a blog on this today..
I was thinking the same..
Arnav Gupta
Jul 22 2016 23:30
@aviaryan @niranjan94 can the data be exported as separate files. One file for all data (speakers, sessions, tracks, sponsors) is not good for performance, either for the generator or the Android app