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Jul 2016
Saptak Sengupta
Jul 31 2016 03:17
@championswimmer there is no such constraint as of now..
Mario Behling
Jul 31 2016 08:33
@championswimmer For now it would be enough to change the colors in the sample. We can leave it to the organizer to change colors in the server. Currently we have too many other things to take care of still.
... that are really important.
Mario Behling
Jul 31 2016 11:02
@aditya1702 Thanks for your blog post. Please check spelling on your last article and correct that the user has to enter a ticket URL compulsory. This is not the case.
Please also add some tech info and code related paragraphs and links to relevant tech resources.
Aditya Vyas
Jul 31 2016 11:04
@mariobehling Ok.will update it
Mario Behling
Jul 31 2016 11:12