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Aug 2016
Niranjan Rajendran
Aug 05 2016 01:11
@mariobehling promotions page hasn't been added yet
Saptak Sengupta
Aug 05 2016 02:49
@aviaryan I am gettting an error get_redis_ConnectionError() in my local system when I submit a create session form..
What should I do?
Avi Aryan
Aug 05 2016 04:24
@SaptakS I have changed the file. It does not run redis now. See for more info.
Most probably redis server is not running in your case.
Saptak Sengupta
Aug 05 2016 04:41
Ok... Will check that
Mario Behling
Aug 05 2016 06:26
@shivamMg We are getting to the end of GSoC and need to speed up a bit. At the moment there are still many issues openend, but you only choose two relatively limited issues for today. Could you please take on more?
Shivam Mamgain
Aug 05 2016 18:57
@/all GET handler for /profile/edit has become obsolete. We already provide form to update profile at /profile. it also contains removed field login (username). I think we can shift contact field to /profile and remove the GET handler, just keep it for post. (or may be just shift everything to /profile?)
Mario Behling
Aug 05 2016 19:42
@shivamMg Contact info and other data should stay separate as profile should later be an "Organizer Profile" for events. As a matter of fact, a user could event have several profiles. The system can also function without this feature. So, no need to think this through now. We need to solve all those existing issues that are blockers to release the first version.
@shivamMg Internal Server Error after merging the last profile update. Please check.
Mario Behling
Aug 05 2016 22:07
@aviaryan In the event files, what is the meta.JSON for again?
I see "root_url": "http://localhost:5000/" and it does not make sense to me.
Mario Behling
Aug 05 2016 22:28
@aviaryan I have listed other questions here as well fossasia/open-event#61