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Aug 2016
Shivam Mamgain
Aug 06 2016 03:44
@mariobehling done :+1:
Aditya Vyas
Aug 06 2016 05:44
@mariobehling We have to implement the payment processing fees also? As displayed here:
Avi Aryan
Aug 06 2016 06:35
In the event files, what is the meta.JSON for again?
meta contains additional info about export. root_url contains the website from which event was exported. This helps the android app to know where to fetch data from in order to keep the event updated. @mariobehling
I have listed other questions here as well fossasia/open-event#61
:+1: ok. Will respond to them.
Harshit Dwivedi
Aug 06 2016 06:50
Hey guys, apart from @rafalkowalski is anyone else also working on integrating the microservices with the orga-server?
I wanted to integrate the android generator with server but he seems to be offline for the moment
Aditya Vyas
Aug 06 2016 07:30
@mariobehling Is this ok?
Mario Behling
Aug 06 2016 15:18
@aditya1702 please implement as outlined in the issue.
Aditya Vyas
Aug 06 2016 15:37
@mariobehling Just a doubt. Are we going to implement different service fees for different currency types like eventbrite? Or are we going to keep the service fees and maximum fees same for all the currency types?
Mario Behling
Aug 06 2016 16:09
@aditya1702 This is clearly mentioned in the issue and is the same in Eventbrite and other services. Different fees for different currencies. Please follow the issues.