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Aug 2016
Arnav Gupta
Aug 08 2016 04:32
@/all I added an issue fossasia/open-event-orga-server#2107 which describes what you have to do to add the webapp generator as a microservice to the orga admin dashboard.
Rafał Kowalski
Aug 08 2016 08:17
@championswimmer great
Avi Aryan
Aug 08 2016 18:35
@/all regarding my earlier question on closing_datetime, I believe the field is invalid now. I have opened issue fossasia/open-event-orga-server#2119 for it. Can anyone confirm ?
Niranjan Rajendran
Aug 08 2016 18:37
@aviaryan it's not used and can be removed
Avi Aryan
Aug 08 2016 18:37
@niranjan94 thanks. :+1:
@niranjan94 what will you say about templates I have mentioned in #2119 . Can they be removed ?
Saptak Sengupta
Aug 08 2016 20:37

@mariobehling I have been trying to resize the image but am not able to find any suitable tools. @niranjan94 @aviaryan @rafalkowalski @aditya1702 @shivamMg Can someone please help me?? PIL seems to work only on local images and not external images.

@mariobehling due to this reason, the issues fossasia/open-event-orga-server#2019, fossasia/open-event-orga-server#2016 are waiting..

I have opened up an issue for resizing images as well fossasia/open-event-orga-server#2124
Any help is appreciated..
I have already tried Flask-Resize and Flask-Image
Doesn't work..
Mario Behling
Aug 08 2016 20:47
@SaptakS How about you save the original image as a logical image first, edit it and save the resized version as well? Wordpress usually saves different versions of an image for example.