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Aug 2016
RafaƂ Kowalski
Aug 10 2016 12:21
any ideas how can i get user information from twitter?
Mario Behling
Aug 10 2016 12:23
@rafalkowalski not sure, what you expect here as an answer. Twitter has an excellent documentation.
Aditya Vyas
Aug 10 2016 15:26
@mariobehling Could you please review fossasia/open-event-orga-server#2122
Shivam Mamgain
Aug 10 2016 17:41
@mariobehling Regarding the Sales channel feature: fossasia/open-event-orga-server#2082 Should we specify a Sales channel for each event, i.e. one sales channel for every ticket of that event. Or do it like eventbrite does it, specifying Sales channel per ticket, so every ticket can have different sales channel.
Mario Behling
Aug 10 2016 17:48
@shivamMg Sales channel for that event. I think eventbrite just offers the channels as long as you have not chosen.
anyways, one event -> one set of sales channels