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Sep 2016
Nikhil Rayaprolu
Sep 22 2016 10:31 UTC
Hey can anyone help me by picking an issue that could help me understand the code structure( basically other organizations have beginner or newcomer tasks but I don't find anything so here)
Saptak Sengupta
Sep 22 2016 10:35 UTC
@nikhilrayaprolu the code for the most part follows a normal flask project structure.. There is as of now no such beginner or newcomer tasks.. You can go through the issues and select issues according to your skills.. If you are looking for UI related issues, you see here.. If you want to work on Rest API, you can check here
Right now the issues are divided according to the work rather than the level of difficulty..
It is advisable right now to work according to the milestones set for the issues. However you can take up any issue you like and comment on it to start working on it.
These are the issues we would prefer you to work on right now.
Aman Jain
Sep 22 2016 12:26 UTC
Screenshot from 2016-09-22 17-56-01.png
It will look better, if there is indentation/space between map and address.
Mario Behling
Sep 22 2016 14:41 UTC
@jainaman224 yes, please file an issue and would be great, if you solve it
Aman Jain
Sep 22 2016 15:07 UTC
Ok I will be implementing this. Thanks @mariobehling