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Sep 2016
Mario Behling
Sep 23 2016 00:19
@aviaryan Could you have a look at this issue, please fossasia/open-event-android#713 . Could we have a second URL location - on top of the internal image link of the zip file - added? This would enable Android apps to download the data on first start.
Avi Aryan
Sep 23 2016 07:04
@mariobehling I have posted a comment
Sep 23 2016 13:38
@aviaryan , This is my first time here on such a great platform of learning. i have few doubts. Can i ask it here?
Saptak Sengupta
Sep 23 2016 16:28
Feel free to ask any doubt
Avi Aryan
Sep 23 2016 18:02
@ayu-st12 yes, please don't hesist and ask anything