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Sep 2016
Ankit Saini
Sep 28 2016 00:07
I am getting this error in log while running locally : "Validation of field with value "Auto" (EventSubTopicField) failed" on navigating to home page
Niranjan Rajendran
Sep 28 2016 03:19
@aviaryan that's a good idea.
Sep 28 2016 19:53
#2407 @aviaryan Hey, I'm a new to open source and I want to start contributing. Could you please be more descriptive about the issue?
Avi Aryan
Sep 28 2016 20:45
@vijeth-aradhya start by looking into the event model and trying to understand how API interacts with the model
Saptak Sengupta
Sep 28 2016 21:54
I just updated my pip and used a separate virtualenv becoz of some reason... librabbitmq==1.6.1 breaks in fedora...
But librabbitmq==1.5.1 works fine.
Should we specify the version in requirements.txt for the time?