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Oct 2016
Nguyen Huynh
Oct 19 2016 04:50 UTC
Guys, one quick question please. When create new virtualenv directory where I can clone source code inside that directory? any recommendation ?
Nguyễn Hồng Quân
Oct 19 2016 06:25 UTC
You can clone to any directory, but not inside that virtual env directory.
Oct 19 2016 18:39 UTC
Hi Folks, I'm writing the FAQ and want to know, what are some of the frequent questions you get asked?
Mario Behling
Oct 19 2016 23:33 UTC
@bradford30 the application is very much at the beginning and not yet publicly used. So, we dont have a lot of questions. It would be great if you add an md with FAQ in the for now and people can then expand on this.