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Oct 2016
Bikram Bharti
Oct 24 2016 09:16
Hi, I am new developer...I really want to get started real quick with open-event-orga-server...I have read from git,
I am facing little difficulty in installing these to packages..functools32
librabbitmq==1.5.1..getting this error "python egg_info" failed with error code 1
I am searching right now to resolve them..but in case if this problem comes in typical problem please help me :)
Bikram Bharti
Oct 24 2016 09:33
I tried installing functools32 via pip2.7 this error Real name of requirement functools32 is functools25 ..I have already installed python 2.7 in my virtualenv
Mario Behling
Oct 24 2016 09:35
@niranjan94 Could you help?
Niranjan Rajendran
Oct 24 2016 18:30
@mariobehling I'll see what the issue is...
Bikram Bharti
Oct 24 2016 18:39
@niranjan94 if I have both python2.7 and python3.4 installations..can it cause any abvious problems in installation of packages...