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Dec 2016
Alexey Shekhirin
Dec 04 2016 11:34
So, as result, I need to have a lot of zips each representing one event?
Vedant Rathore
Dec 04 2016 13:06
@jarifibrahim were you able to solve that issue regarding celery and 404? I am having the same issue, could you please share the solution
Vedant Rathore
Dec 04 2016 15:23
Hey Everyone! I followed instructions given here
Could anyone explain INTEGRATE_SOCKETIO=false celery worker -A app.celery what this is for?
All I can see is some process is started (celery maybe) and the terminal is stuck in it
I'm getting a 404 Not found exception on the home page
Does anyone knows a workaround it?
Shubham Padia
Dec 04 2016 15:28
@vedantrathore The terminal is supposed to stay that way, just fire up a new terminal window and type python runserver and you should be good to go :smile:
Vedant Rathore
Dec 04 2016 15:29
@shubham-padia Thanks!