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Dec 2016
Siddhartha Gairola
Dec 07 2016 11:04
Aayush Sanghavi
Dec 07 2016 15:39
Hello, everyone. I am assigned issue #2641 on GitHub and during installation, I am facing some issues. I am getting the following error on the terminal when running python -
from flask.ext.hook import ExtDeprecationWarning
ImportError: No module named flask.ext.hook
Could someone please suggest something. I am stuck.
Niranjan Rajendran
Dec 07 2016 16:24
@aayushsanghavi have you installed all the dependencies from the requirements ?
If not, run pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
Aayush Sanghavi
Dec 07 2016 18:31
Yes, I ran that. It is still not working. I was following the file.
Saptak Sengupta
Dec 07 2016 20:21
can you share the output for pip freeze?