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Dec 2016
Avi Aryan
Dec 21 2016 02:37
@arpitn30 if you don't do that, then running the server on localhost will give too many socketio error logs.. Apparently socketio has some problems when running on localhost
Arpit Nandwani
Dec 21 2016 06:11
Isn't there any way to save this command in the server config file?
Rohan Agarwal
Dec 21 2016 09:35
@aayushsanghavi is the problem solved on your end? I am still stuck on the authentication problem.
Rohan Agarwal
Dec 21 2016 09:51
@aviaryan if you help out.
Aayush Sanghavi
Dec 21 2016 12:27
No. Can't fix it. Tried several things suggested by people facing a similar issue but they don't work.
Rohan Agarwal
Dec 21 2016 15:30
@aayushsanghavi look at this fossasia/open-event-orga-server#190 and see if you could figure out something from it. Same issue as ours.