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Dec 2016
Dec 29 2016 08:34
@niranjan94 @SaptakS I am able to create events now :D
Niranjan Rajendran
Dec 29 2016 13:03
@magdalenesuo cool :)
Siddhartha Gairola
Dec 29 2016 16:09
I wanted to contribute to fossasia. Would appreciate any help in this direction. Thank you.
Niranjan Rajendran
Dec 29 2016 16:18
Hi @sidgairo18 What sort of projects/platforms are you interested in ? :)
Siddhartha Gairola
Dec 29 2016 16:34
@niranjan94 anything for beginners.
I have experience working with c, c++, python, and some web development - (html, css, js). Also have worked on graphics projects and made some basic games using opengl, and webgl.
I also developed a hostel management portal using web2py.
Currently I am working on computer vision and deep learning in my college.
Niranjan Rajendran
Dec 29 2016 16:38
@sidgairo18 great ! :D .. Then you can check out ... Start by setting up the project locally :)
Mario Behling
Dec 29 2016 17:05
@niranjan94 Should the development branch be merged to master to fix the recent issues?
Siddhartha Gairola
Dec 29 2016 17:07
@niranjan94 Thanks. :)
will get back to you, once I have the project set up.
Saptak Sengupta
Dec 29 2016 18:20
@niranjan94 @magdalenesuo I finally found out the mystery behind the event not being created. It's an error in start and end time... when I create event around 11 o clock, the start timeis 23:00 but end time is 22:00