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Jan 2017
Saptak Sengupta
Jan 01 2017 02:31
Happy New Year! @/all
Parag Jain
Jan 01 2017 05:02
@/all Happy New Year!
Soumya Vadlamannati
Jan 01 2017 06:18
Happy New Year!! :smile:
Dev Vora
Jan 01 2017 07:07
happy new year to all
Shubham Padia
Jan 01 2017 07:41
Happy new year !!
Soumya Vadlamannati
Jan 01 2017 10:23
hey, can anyone tell me how to edit the ticket info, especially the payment modes(such as paypal)
Soumya Vadlamannati
Jan 01 2017 10:31
I don't see any such options when I am creating events
Mario Behling
Jan 01 2017 10:49
Screenshot from 2017-01-01 11-49-02.png
The payment options are still not entirely finished. Should be ready within the upcoming days.
@Marauderer97 You need to choose "Paid Ticket" first.
Rishav Sapahia
Jan 01 2017 12:47
Hi ,This is the error ,I am getting after pip install requirements.txt
any ideas how to fix this