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Jan 2017
Jan 23 2017 07:18
Nevermind. It was a silly misunderstanding. :smile:
Avi Aryan
Jan 23 2017 10:39
@yasirunilan are you still facing the problem?
Jan 23 2017 15:02
@yasirunilan did you made postgres user and created the database ? if yes then do export DATABASE_URL='postgresql://john:start@localhost:5432/oevent'
where john is the user , start is the password and oevent isthe database
after that python
this might work!! :smile:
Jan 23 2017 18:53
Greeting, I am Nikhil, new to fossasia. I know python-flask, js (basic - jquery,ajax and the kind) and bit android (java part).
Can anyone guide me to do contribute. This is my first opensource project so puzzled