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Jan 2017
Shruti Sharma
Jan 25 2017 05:09
During installation of org server envirnment, I got error in step 6th
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 5, in <module>
    from app import current_app
  File "/home/shruti/Music/open-event-orga-server/app/", line 4, in <module>
    from flask.exthook import ExtDeprecationWarning
ImportError: No module named flask.exthook
so, how can i remove this error to do proper installation?
Yasiru NIlan
Jan 25 2017 07:31
in the installation guide step 4 it says like
Step 4 - Create application environment variables.
export DATABASE_URL=postgresql:///oevent but it didn't worked for me, but this one wored for me, shouldn't these be included in the guide. DATABASE_URL='postgresql://john:start@localhost:5432/oevent'
in here 'john' mean the created DB user and 'start' means the password and 'oevent' was the db name
Nikhil Rayaprolu
Jan 25 2017 14:22
@niranjan94 @SaptakS I am trying to run tests using nosetests tests/unittests command but all tests are being failed for me when I run that command.
I endup with above error
Niranjan Rajendran
Jan 25 2017 14:24
What is the actually error due to which each case is failing ?
Nikhil Rayaprolu
Jan 25 2017 14:35
ProgrammingError: (psycopg2.ProgrammingError) column settings.tagline does not exist
this is the common line for each test
Niranjan Rajendran
Jan 25 2017 14:41
Just run python db upgrade
Then run the tests
Yasiru NIlan
Jan 25 2017 14:43
how the routes are managed in open-event-orga-server
any file where all those routes are stored?
Yasiru NIlan
Jan 25 2017 14:44
thank you
Jan 25 2017 16:58
Hi, I am new to open source can you please guide me how to contribute to you
Yasiru NIlan
Jan 25 2017 17:48
@thotayashwanth123 follow the installation guide on github, after setting up the dev environment try to fix some of the bugs listed in github issue tracker
can some body help me here, i need to create a new screen related to ticketing, I'm confused of how to do the routing to my screen,
how to do that?