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Jan 2017
Saptak Sengupta
Jan 29 2017 20:29 UTC

@/all it's a request that when you make changes please check the entire system once by creating a completely new event with all features you added and all previously added feature. Due to some careless changes in code, same issue and code is being solved again and again which is foolish. I know the right way of preventing this is to write proper unittests and we would be really glad if some of you would like to contribute by writing unittests but write now solving bugs are high priority. And if solving one bug brings back another bug, it becomes very difficult.

It's really great to get all the contributions and commits. We try out best to review but sometimes we might miss some code. So please do check from your end as well once before sending a PR. Because I find most of the bugs right now were actually solved before which means double work.

If you have merge conflicts or while rebasing changes or making some significant change in code, please be more careful and check all features after you have changed the code. Thanks.

Mario Behling
Jan 29 2017 23:11 UTC