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Feb 2017
Feb 06 2017 05:22
@SaptakS @mariobehling Thank you :')
Feb 06 2017 07:27
@shubham-padia @magdalenesuo Congrats. Great work. :smiley:
Feb 06 2017 07:51
Hello guys, I manage to get things working ok on Heroku, again I have only use Python for a few days and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Please point me in the right direction to remove the categories, I only want to focus on sports and fitness categories and make some chamges on the index main image.. Thanks
Feb 06 2017 13:03
@shubham-padia @magdalenesuo congratulations !!!!!
Abishek V Ashok
Feb 06 2017 15:47
@Himanshi-Khandelwal the open event is for Rgsoc why don't you try it.
Feb 06 2017 16:07
@Abhi2424shek thanks a lot !! I was not aware of this thing.... I will surely look into this .
Abishek V Ashok
Feb 06 2017 16:08
;) just find yourself a co to work with and apply for it. :) @Himanshi-Khandelwal