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Feb 2017
Hiten Sethiya
Feb 12 2017 07:59
I was going through the issue #2987 and sub-issue #3157 open-event-orga-sever
Right now the registration form is pretty basic one its totally in template
I was planning to extend it via WTForms so that it will be easier to make custom fields afterwards and extend these fields to the template as well.
To handle input about registration form from event creator which fields to take I thought we can make another form there with bool options to add these fields.
We will make a function in guest userend's registration form to remove fields not selected.
Should I proceed with this to solve the issue with this.
Sir, There was another thing I am having a hard time guessing the flow of code is there some doc to guide through it
Niranjan Rajendran
Feb 12 2017 08:00
@HitenSethiya please add it as a comment on that issue. It's easier to track discussions that way.
As for the flow of code, it starts at app/
Then see app/views/__init__. py
Hiten Sethiya
Feb 12 2017 08:04
Mario Behling
Feb 12 2017 11:41
@magdalenesuo @shubham-padia Interested in solving this issue? fossasia/open-event-orga-server#3069 We need to split the speakers answer to proposal into two forms and speakers should login first before being able to submit a proposal.
Feb 12 2017 11:51
@mariobehling yes sure. I'll try it out.
Mario Behling
Feb 12 2017 12:11
@magdalenesuo Cool. You can tackle this issue in several steps maybe. Step one: If the user is not logged in and clicks on "Submit Proposal" below a call for speakers, show a message "Please login to submit your proposal and show a screen option "Login or Signup". You could create this as a subissue and solve this first, if possible.
Feb 12 2017 12:45
@mariobehling :+1:
Feb 12 2017 23:27
Ok guys I have two question, one, why the event detail is showing error/blank page. How can I spin up the Android app for my server?