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Mar 2017
Aseem Shrey
Mar 11 2017 05:29
@cepradeep Now I'm not getting any error but I can't recreate the issue , I have posted a screenshot in the issue you raised, have a look
@mariobehling In issue #3315 , I am getting a different type of glitch , I have posted a screenshot of it in the issue you raised , have a look
Aseem Shrey
Mar 11 2017 06:01
@niranjan94 Will do the needful :)
@mariobehling Check this #3309
Aseem Shrey
Mar 11 2017 06:12
Still I am unable to recreate the issue #3354 . This is the output I get
Vivek Kiran
Mar 11 2017 08:12
We hosted a instance of the server at Microsoft Azure VPS following the documentation to setup via docker mentioned in the ReadMe. But still the login is not working. Please help..
Niranjan Rajendran
Mar 11 2017 08:14
Hi @vivekkiran could you tell us what the logs say ? Are you getting any error ?
Vivek Kiran
Mar 11 2017 08:56
Where can i check the logs
Mario Behling
Mar 11 2017 09:16
Would anyone like to create a screencast for the project, that we can show at the FOSSASIA Summit? fossasia/open-event-orga-server#3361
Aseem Shrey
Mar 11 2017 19:54
Anyone can help with proper pdf generation through pisa ( xhtml2pdf ).
While solving issue #3246 , I could only get this:
screenshot from 2017-03-12 01-09-26
The lines always create a mismatch...any ideas as to how to implement it correctly ?