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Mar 2017
Pradeep CE
Mar 17 2017 12:45
@SaptakS @rctay I did something similar on a hobby project of mine -
About the size: I think just setting the sizes of the elements in pixels (to a large enough value) would work.
You cannot do this on the main div because it would obviously look big and ugly. The trick is to inject the relevant html into the hidden iframe, and specify separate styles for it, so that you achieve the desired resolution. Does that make sense?
Mario Behling
Mar 17 2017 15:02
the FOSSASIA Summit is not on the start page of eventyay anymore even though event is still running. Anyone who could fix this issue before end of the event? fossasia/open-event-orga-server#3402
Mar 17 2017 15:32
@mariobehling I will try to fix it.
Mar 17 2017 15:52
Opened a PR #3403. Please review. Thanks.
Mar 17 2017 18:44
Hello, I am new to open source and having knowledge of Python, I wish to contribute to this open source project. I would like to know how to go about it.