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Mar 2017
Amol Mejari
Mar 24 2017 05:06
@mariobehling is our rest api has sync gateway functionality?? Or something like that to sync database with couchbase.
Amol Mejari
Mar 24 2017 05:23
Something like client w
Something like websockets implementation for server client sync??
Avi Aryan
Mar 24 2017 09:21
@mejariamol why would one need that? Just curious.
Niranjan Rajendran
Mar 24 2017 10:30
@mejariamol no. We do not have anything like that right now. We don't use couchbase either.
Mario Behling
Mar 24 2017 21:44
@aviaryan There were a number of posts and spam. So, we had altered the settings to moderation more than 6 months ago. The mailing list is intended mainly as an entrance level low traffic list. Specific questions about projects e.g. Open Event should be discussed on the dedicated project channel, that is usually unmoderated.