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Apr 2017
Nguyễn Hồng Quân
Apr 12 2017 04:34
@mejariamol So you are trying to run in "WebSocket mode". Have you followed this yet:
You need to install Flask-SocketIO and have INTEGRATE_SOCKETIO=true in environment variables.
Amol Mejari
Apr 12 2017 04:47
@hongquan yes. I have flask-socketio installed already.. and I set INTEGRATE_SOCKETIO to true
Saptak Sengupta
Apr 12 2017 13:12
@shubham-padia fossasia/open-event-orga-server@8d0d4cc in this commit that you made, if the user is an organizer, you haven't returned ?? Don't you think that is wrong?
Saptak Sengupta
Apr 12 2017 13:18
to verify these issues don't occur, always check changes made in permission with 2 users, 1 with admin privileges and one without...
Shubham Padia
Apr 12 2017 17:49