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May 2017
Aman Roy
May 15 2017 02:01
I am new here. This project interests me. How should I start contributing?
Piyush Agrawal
May 15 2017 04:15
Hi Aman! You can start by creating a local clone of orga server and build it on your system. A guide to install is provided on READMe file. You can then look for open issues here and can work on the non-assigned issues.
Feel free to ask any questions here!
Aseem Shrey
May 15 2017 06:02
@mariobehling As @SaptakS suggested , we could add them in the database with a default password ( we need not convey them that ) and since they don't need to do anything so I suppose they don't need to login too.
So , setting a password for their account won't affect anything and rather keep the event system intact ( i.e. the condition that every user registered has a password )
Afroz Ahamad
May 15 2017 10:10
Importing an event gives rise to an Internal Server Error. This is the error message : 'InvalidRequestError' object has no attribute 'code'
Refer issue #3585 .
Afroz Ahamad
May 15 2017 15:09
Could someone help me with enabling billing on Google Cloud Platform? I have debit card( MasterCard ) but it is not being accepted as a valid card. (The card is from India.)
Shubham Padia
May 15 2017 16:47
You'd have to contract your bank to enable international transactions.