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May 2017
It will help make Open Event better and easy to develop!
Afroz Ahamad
May 28 2017 14:22
Import zip working on open-event-dev :sparkles:
Niranjan Rajendran
May 28 2017 14:31
@SaptakS @LuD1161 @magdalenesuo @enigmaeth @poush @shubham-padia
I have been getting some queries regarding writing good commit messages ... Please check this article out -> .. Perfectly written. And if you want a real life example, see the commits of the open-event-android repository. Near perfect commit messages. That's what we're looking for here too. Commit messages do matter a lot.
Afroz Ahamad
May 28 2017 14:38
Nice article :+1:
Aseem Shrey
May 28 2017 15:02
Niranjan Rajendran
May 28 2017 15:05
The article shows how to write a proper commit body too. But a commit body is not always needed. For most cases, the subject itself would and should give enough info. In case of any complex commit/change, then please add a body too. Else you can skip it.
Nguyễn Hồng Quân
May 28 2017 17:42
@mejariamol Wonder why didn't you write in Markdown? The Markdown renderer can highlight the code for you. Like this
   .subscribe(events -> {
   }, throwable -> {
oops, this gitter doesn't highlight Java code :worried:
Amol Mejari
May 28 2017 18:45
@hongquan I've used code pretty extension