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Jul 2017
Mahika Wason
Jul 17 2017 05:54
@niranjan94 @SaptakS @shubham-padia Please check out this issue #4074 . I have described my approach to implement the news feed feature. As this requires use of FCM, can this be approach implemented on the server?
If not, is there anything better that we can think of? Please let me know your views on this.
Mario Behling
Jul 17 2017 12:41
@enigmaeth No need for private messages to me to review posts. Please avoid this. We are now in the second half of GSoC. Please get friends, co-developers, family and teachers to help you now. You received a lot of feedback before already and as a university student should be able to get posts up to the quality expected.
Afroz Ahamad
Jul 17 2017 12:48
Okay, sure. Sorry!
Piyush Agrawal
Jul 17 2017 14:26
Wrote this blog post on using permission manager. I hope this will help co-devs here on using permission manager as well. Documented two new features as well leave_if and has_access