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Jul 2017
Afroz Ahamad
Jul 18 2017 06:32
Really nice article @poush. Added minor suggestions! Please check :smile:
@mariobehling Updated blog post according to suggestions. Please check:
Scott Speights
Jul 18 2017 07:46
Trying to install the dockerized version of the server. When I get to the part the script cannot find the correct module for the DataManager class. Since this class is located in the vintage folder, I wanted to ask which module should be imported or if the documentation for deploying with docker is now old ?
Hong Phuc Dang
Jul 18 2017 11:47
@/all guys, submit your GSoC blogpost today if you haven't done so,
Piyush Agrawal
Jul 18 2017 13:53
@enigmaeth Thanks :)
Niranjan Rajendran
Jul 18 2017 14:20

@magdalenesuo @SaptakS @enigmaeth @poush @shubham-padia I'm starting to see individual commits like Fix hound reviews and multiple heads error , Fix typo, Passing Unittests on the basis of new changes along with other commits in PRs and these have been merged too. Why aren't these commits being squashed in before making the PR ?

Please ensure you squash your commits before making a PR. And if you fix any hound/unittest/typo errors make sure you amend your previous commit or squash at the end. The commit history is becoming dirty again.

See the commit history of the android project. . Clean and easy to track. We're well into GSoC. I though this was made pretty clear at the start itself. Please ensure this is followed.

Afroz Ahamad
Jul 18 2017 15:07