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Jul 2017
Abhinav Khare
Jul 22 2017 15:38
Hi, for the ticket-fees API, while making a PATCH request, the type should be ticket-fee or ticket-fees ? For instance for a patch request to a particular event the route is v1/events/<event-identifier> and the type is event , was naming the type as ticket-fees itself, intentional ? It threw this error for me. Thanks
Niranjan Rajendran
Jul 22 2017 15:58
Type should be singular.
Mario Behling
Jul 22 2017 16:50
@poush thanks for your last blog post. Please take out any empty lines in your post and check other posts for empty lines as well:
Piyush Agrawal
Jul 22 2017 16:52
@mariobehling okay :+1:
Mario Behling
Jul 22 2017 16:54
@enigmaeth Thanks for you last blog post. Looking closer it seems that your featured image is not from you and not freely licensed:
Also take out any empty lines on your post, please.
Please provide a more suitable featured image from yourself.
@enigmaeth Previous posts of you also have empty lines for no reason. Please avoid them!
Take them out of all your posts.
Afroz Ahamad
Jul 22 2017 17:32
@mariobehling Thanks for pointing this out. I'll change the image and remove the blank lines!