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Jul 2017
Mario Behling
Jul 24 2017 12:20
@CosmicCoder96 has a 500 Internal Server Error. Any ideas?
Abhinav Khare
Jul 24 2017 12:38
@mariobehling Seems to be a CORS issue on server @niranjan94 Can you please check?
Niranjan Rajendran
Jul 24 2017 12:40
Not a CORS issue. Kuberentes was attempting to restart the server since it couldn't find a health check URL. Related issue: fossasia/open-event-orga-server#4151 ... Have started the API server and disabled health checks for now.
Abhinav Khare
Jul 24 2017 12:46
Sumedh Nimkarde
Jul 24 2017 17:19

@poush @shubham-padia The documentation at for notifications api shows the endpoint


I am trying to post to the same and create notifications for a user but not able to do so. I guess the endpoint might be updated but not reflected at the docs part. Can you check and let me know the new endpoint and all the stuff related to it( request body, params, etc )?

Shubham Padia
Jul 24 2017 18:25
@sumedh123 the new endpoint will be /notifications, we are in the process of a refactor in that area, keep a lookout for #4101
Sumedh Nimkarde
Jul 24 2017 18:27
@shubham-padia Thanks. :thumbsup: