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Aug 2017
Mario Behling
Aug 04 2017 10:07

@magdalenesuo @enigmaeth @poush @shubham-padia We did not make a follow up after the evaluations in detail and I wanted to say, that we are very happy that you passed! Good job with the getting the project to this level! It looks great. Congratulations! So, we are now in the third term and while things look great, we also need to realize that we are behind the timeline actually. The original plan to move to the new Open Event server setup was to do this at the beginning of July. In order to ensure you pass, we would like to know what is your plan for the third term? Please share it here with us.

We also had feedback from Google on the work of some students. Feedback is, expectations especially in the third term are higher in regards to code output (quality and quantity). So, far we saw that some are missing substantial daily quality contributions. Also some blog posts are missing that are due every Tuesday and students should ensure they follow the guidelines one hundred percent and have organized a meetup getting new contributors on board. We already saw some meetups and the feedback has been absolutely amazing. So, we hope to see more of it too.

As GSoC is a full-time program, we need to see daily activity and continuous code contributions. The third term is the term with the highest expectations and as we are at the end of the program the actual outcome – a working project is required in order to pass students apart from daily contribution flow. (The goal of keeping a daily flow is to enable people to collaborate more easily and to get an outcome!)

Another point that should be mentioned as some student had questions about this is regarding availability. We understand that students have other obligations, family emergencies, that schedules in university and that things can happen in onces life etc.. All these kind of things happen, but the program setting is defined by Google and we need to follow their timeline. Please ensure you are available the whole day? Google recommends students to withdraw if they see that they cannot manage because of other obligations. This has been clearly mentioned in a number of emails to mentors on different channels. Therefore please ensure you show the highest commitment. We really want each and every one of you to pass. So, let’s do this! Let’s work together and make this sprint to the final! Keep up the good work!

Mario Behling
Aug 04 2017 10:47
@mejariamol @iamareebjamal Please let us know what are the final plans to get to an official release of the app. Also let us know about a landing page, distribution flow you plan on app stores, documentation and next steps after GSoC.