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Aug 2017
Harshita Gupta
Aug 21 2017 06:30
@shubham-padia The attached image in the PR #4297 for the issue #4288 which is for ticket statistics there was a field called completed but in the API it is not there instead there is draft. Can you please check and clarify what has to be there completed or draft?
Saptak Sengupta
Aug 21 2017 09:34
right now I think completed is not returned in the response.
@shubham-padia please look into it
Shubham Padia
Aug 21 2017 11:55
Hong Phuc Dang
Aug 21 2017 16:15
@mejariamol @iamareebjamal @Shailesh351 @shubham-padia @harshitagupta30 @sumedh123 @geekyd @enigmaeth @poush @heysadboy @CosmicCoder96 @magdalenesuo @Princu7 Open-Event team, this is a reminder to submit your blogpost on time this week. We are coming to the end of GSoC. Please make sure to complete all your work before the deadline for the final evaluation.
Mario Behling
Aug 21 2017 19:26
Hi @/all the Nextcloud conf is happening over the next few days and they are using eventyay. So, let's try to keep everything running. Cheers!