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Aug 2017
Hargovind Singh Arora
Aug 29 2017 10:08
Is there any project related to python and django going on in fossasia
Nikhil Rayaprolu
Aug 29 2017 13:02
@HargovindArora do you specifically need django? or any python based project with any framework?
you can look at . some of the projects you can look at are open-event-orga-server and query-server.
Hargovind Singh Arora
Aug 29 2017 13:20
@nikhilrayaprolu i would like to have a look on both of them :)
Piyush Agrawal
Aug 29 2017 14:39
@HargovindArora Our Orga Server is python based project using flask framework. It is similar to django.
Hargovind Singh Arora
Aug 29 2017 15:04
Okay . Thanks everyone
Mario Behling
Aug 29 2017 18:48
Hi, we now have some more info about the FOSSASIA Advanced Developer Program. Have a look here: The application form will open at the end of GSoC evaluations.