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Sep 2017
Mario Behling
Sep 01 2017 14:28
We will soon be announcing Codeheat. Facebook blocks us to publish some items on the FB page as there are only a few likes. Please go to the page and like it, so we can release additional info on the page as well:
Dilpreet Singh
Sep 01 2017 14:47
Mario Behling
Sep 01 2017 17:09
It is a bit difficult to keep track of presentations and screencasts. Therefore please add it to the blog post spreadsheet.
Ankit Saini
Sep 01 2017 21:11
When is the codeheat for this year is going to start ?
Amit Singh Pal
Sep 01 2017 21:26
@sainiak009 begin from this september 10th till feb 3rd.
Ankit Saini
Sep 01 2017 21:27
@amit9651 Okay thanks