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Sep 2017
Shashank Sharma
Sep 13 2017 14:28
Can anyone help me with the project. I am not sure from where to start and I really want to start my journey to open source. I have gone through the local installation process and I installed most of the dependencies but then after running in browser i get 404 error. Now it's all so confusing.
Lucas Ruchel
Sep 13 2017 14:45
Hello @shashank-sharma did you follow the Step 6 of the local installation? I'm new in the project too, but I remember that I had the same problem but I don't remember how I solve it.
Shashank Sharma
Sep 13 2017 14:47
@lucasruchel Yes I did that but I am not sure about that bower thing ... It says that it was removed in nextgen so I skipped it
Lucas Ruchel
Sep 13 2017 14:55
Try to install to install bower dependencies anyway.
I'm working to translate the project to pt-BR, anyone can help me to share this translation? I saw in Weblate the translations, but there wasn't the option to pt-BR
Shashank Sharma
Sep 13 2017 15:01

I guess there is no point for bower dependencies because already there is no bower.json file in nexgen branch. Let me clarify one thing:
While using this command sudo -u postgres psql I did this just after typing that:


Is it right ?

Shubham Padia
Sep 13 2017 16:37
Yeah that's right, just to be sure, you are on the nextgen branch, right ?
Divya Sanghi
Sep 13 2017 17:11
Hello all, I want to contribute but after going through so many projects its been really confusing which one to proceed. Can anyone suggest me ?