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Oct 2017
Niranjan Rajendran
Oct 01 2017 08:42
@mariobehling @shubham-padia will transfer apps to the project specific shared accounts
Shubham Padia
Oct 01 2017 12:03
Rahul Tiwari
Oct 01 2017 13:02
I was running tests with nosetests perfectly before.
But now I am getting this error
OperationalError: FATAL: database "opev_test" does not exist
I have exported the DATABSE_URL with export DATABASE_URL=postgresql://test_user:test@
and replaced test_user with my username and password.
Rahul Tiwari
Oct 01 2017 13:23
Now running tests but am getting a large number of errors.
Help please...
Mario Behling
Oct 01 2017 16:34
@niranjan94 Thanks :+1: